We’re honored that you’ll join us in Tel Aviv this summer, to celebrate the 50th IPhO together.

We are in the midst of preparations to ensure all of this year’s participants will enjoy the most exciting activities, food, attractions, and of course, the most challenging and fun physics problems.

While you’re in Tel Aviv you’ll have time to prepare for the IPhO exams and to visit the most interesting places in Israel.

You’ll be able to spend time together with other young physics enthusiasts, meet new friends, eat good food, shop and enjoy the beautiful beaches in Tel Aviv.


What will IPHO be like?
The IPhO is a competition between individuals. The competition portion will consist of two days, and each participant will have to solve both theoretical and experimental problems in physics.

One day will be devoted to theoretical problems (three problems lasting five. The second day will be devoted to experimental problems (one or two problems, lasting five hours). These two days will be separated by at least one full day of rest.

The physics problems will be prepared and chosen by Israel, as is standard, and go through a review process the International Board, comprised of the delegation leaders from each participating country.

We look forward to meeting you and having fun – academic and otherwise – together in Tel Aviv!