Dr. Ofer Rimon
Chair of the Steering Committee Deputy General Manager & CIO, Ministry of Education

The State of Israel and the Ministry of Education welcome all the participants of the 50th International Olympiad in Physics. We wish you a memorable event, great success and an enjoyable stay in Israel.

The Olympiad serves as a focal meeting point for academics and talented students who are lovers of Physics, and have journeyed from all the corners of the globe; it facilitates cooperation and the building of bridges for social and professional networking.

Although the Olympiad signifies the highest level of academic competition, it also allows an opportunity for all to enjoy a rich and varied multi-cultural experience, to become acquainted with a new country, its citizens, sights and values. Israel is country that is small in size but internationally empowered through its achievements in science and technology, and its reputation as a start-up nation.

Education, freedom of creativity, encouragement of the study of scientific disciplines are the values that have guided us, the State of Israel, towards the establishment of an advanced society, enriched by considerable achievements in science and technology.

We extend our blessings for your success, and our hope that you will become global ambassadors for goodwill and world progress.


Prof. Alexander Palevski
Chair of the Academic Committee, The Carol and Melvin S. Taub Chair in Applied Physics School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel Aviv University

Welcome to the 50th Physics Olympiad!

As a Chairman of the Academic Committee, I am pleased to welcome the best young minds to solve challenging theoretical and experimental questions in physics.

I have no doubt, that each and every one of you will fulfill the task with pleasure, satisfaction and will bring pride to your country.

I am sure that you spent many hours preparing and learning with great excitement and excellent professional support from your leaders who see this project as a mission and honor.

I wish you to take advantage of your stay in Israel to meet new friends and get to know the culture and landscapes, historical and exciting places, and – the food.

Good luck to everyone, we will meet in Tel Aviv!

eli raz

Dr. Eli Raz
Chair of the Organizing Committee
ORT Braude College

Dear Leaders and Observers,

During the past 24 years, it has been my pleasure to serve as head of the Israeli delegation in the IPhO.

During those years we have received warm hospitality and experienced a taste of the most unique places in each country.

We particularly enjoyed the special social atmosphere, which developed over the years among delegation’s members.

I am happy that we now have the opportunity to host the 50th IPhO and continue the tradition of friendly hospitality, which characterizes our organization.

We invite all countries who have attended the past Olympiad to join us and participate in this special event.

I hope and am confident that your short stay in Israel will be a great experience and that you will benefit from the direct communication and new connections offered.

I hope that your short stay in Israel will be a unique one, enabling you to become acquainted with our small country and deriving benefit from the intellectual experience of the competition.

Looking forward to meeting you all in July 2019, and wishing you all a successful Olympiad